How can death be any worse?

by LifeAbuse

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Youngstown Ohio


released January 8, 2017

big thanks to Dave for all the help and recording ,



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LifeAbuse Youngstown, Ohio

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Track Name: Endless Nightmare
Over and over, despair sets in
your mind goes black, the sun never rises again

Endless Nightmare

Look back on good times, those days are good as dead
anxiety overwhelming, these are the nights that never end

Narrowing vision, no sign of light , locked in a nightmare, a nightmare called life

You see through soulless eyes, this is where all hope dies
where all hope dies
Track Name: Life Abuse
Life Abuse

To exist is to suffer , because life is a curse
to suffer is to exist, how can death be any worse?

Seasons change, but pain always remains
steps for positive change, are only done in vain

How can death be any worse?

Accept there is nothing , that you can do , everything that you love, you will eventually lose

To exist is to suffer , to suffer is to exist
to exist is to suffer , and thats just the way that it is
Track Name: Thrown to the Wolves
Mental scars , that never heal, i lost the power to feel
Stole from me what you can never give back, now i watch your world collapse

Thrown - thrown to the wolves
treated those around you like fools
now you're dying alone guess the jokes on you

Tossed aside , like the trash , that we all know you are
waste of flesh, waste of life , we still carry these scars
times up , your lifes up , on these streets you will die
im glad you're scared and alone, theres not one tear in my eyes
Track Name: No Control
Sick of the same shit, another pointless vote
law after law after law, their boots stay on our throat
there is no freedom , in a country built on lies
you wont find freedom , until the day that you die

Your minds made up for you, theyll never let you choose

No Control

Force fed life , force fed death - no control

These chains - they keep you down, believing in their lies - left you with nothing now